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Meet Elizabeth-Promesa's Lead Promotora

Elizabeth- a committed community leader with Promesa since 2016- was chosen to be the Lead Promotora in Promesa's Promotoras Network. With the help of Promesa Senior Wellness Coordinator, Kathi Cervantez, Elizabeth supports a cohort of 7 Promotoras who will act as a bridge between the community and service providers, as well as providing health and wellness workshops to the community. As part of this work, they will be tasked with promoting the new Wellness Center opening at Mendez High School in 2020.

Elizabeth's desire to help stems from a very personal place. After the birth of her first child, Elizabeth battled with postpartum depression. She recounts, "I didn't know what postpartum depression [was], or how to navigate it, and neither did my family. I felt alone with my problem." Elizabeth wanted help but didn't know where to look or who to reach out to. This is what fuels her work she said, "when I put myself in someone else's shoes, there are people just like me or maybe even worse, and nobody is providing resources. We [help] one person at a time."

When asked about Elizabeth's leadership, Kathi said, "She is able to reflect, that is huge in her leadership. How she can apply it back to the cohort is what set her apart." Through her work with Promesa, Elizabeth has been able to grow not only her skills and confidence but has been instrumental in the growth of the Promotora work.

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