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On June 12th, 2018 LAUSD Board Members unanimously voted to pass the "Closing the Gap by 2023! Resolution." This is a big win and we're glad to celebrate this historic moment alongside resident leaders, partners, and students!

Congratulations to United Way, CLASS, and Promesa's Comite de Lideres that have been involved in the drafting and pushing for this resolution as part of the CLASS Coalition for the past year! A special shout-out to Isabel Martinez, who has been a tireless champion for students in the Boyle Heights community. Isabel prepared testimony and spoke to reporters on the importance of increased supports for English Learners.

This win is especially important to Promesa as the resolution has college readiness goals that begin in first grade! As well as increased supports for Long-Term English Learners and a commitment to the creation of English Learner and Reading Specialist micro-credentialing programs. For the full LAUSD article and more information on the resolution, please see:

Stay tuned to see other ways that the Comite de Lideres is organizing in the community!

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