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College Champion Spotlight: Jessica Ferrer

Jessica Ferrer, Mendez High School College Counselor

"I hope [youth] are able to take the opportunity to change the future of not only their communities but the path for their families as well. I hope they are able to change the world with their bright ideas. I hope they are able to get out of Los Angeles and explore the different perspectives that exist and be exposed to a whole different world."

We are fortunate to work with dedicated people that want the best for Boyle Heights youth. If it weren't for the dedication of parents, staff, faculty, and partner organizations, our work wouldn't be possible. We want to highlight Jessica Ferrer, college counselor at Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez High School, for her dedication to Boyle Heights youth.

Ms. Ferrer grew up in Fresno, California and graduated from Fresno State University. She later moved to Los Angeles and began interning at the Echo Park Dream Center to pursue a career in counseling. She works closely with students to make sure that they are ready for graduation. When asked about some of the highlights from the college and career efforts she said:

"This year we had a larger senior class, 70% of our students were eligible to apply to a four-year institution and 60% completed either their FAFSA or Dream Act. We were able to convince many of our students who were not planning to attend college to at apply in case they changed their mind."

We have been able to partner with Mendez High school to bring graduation rates to over 90%. We work closely with counselors and academic case managers to provide students with the support they need to succeed. In our interview with Ms.Ferrer, she said the following of the partnership:

"Promesa is amazing. I wouldn't be able to do half the events without your help. Promesa provides support for workshops, presentations, and even bring snacks for students. I am able to depend on you if I need any support because we have a strong relationship."

We would like to thank Jessica for her dedication to Boyle Heights' youth and her partnership with us!

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