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Summer 2017

As the cradle to college and career pipeline of supports is deepening, Promesa partners are leading new initiatives like Avanza, a bridge to college conference for graduating seniors. Piloted in June, Avanza was designed to arm graduating seniors with information and a support network to ease the transition to college and beyond. Workshops included Budgeting 101, Work Resource, Navigating College Resources, and Student Life.


The Promesa Collaborative held Summer bridges in June to welcome incoming middle schoolers and their parents at Hollenbeck, as well as incoming 9th graders at Mendez and Roosevelt. Parents and students were given a tour and history of their school, told what to expect from their new school and the requirements they are to fulfill . High school students also received a talk on college readiness and graduation requirements.


In late July, 16 residents took part in a 3-day Parent Leadership Academy, in which Promesa staff guided parents through activities and discussions to promote their knowledge of organizing in East LA, community building. The group developed a workplan for future campaigns that revolve around wellness, education, and immigration.

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