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in the case of an unforeseen crisis, we have the financial resources readily available to support our community with bond money or legal fees that are not covered by any other sources. This local emergency fund will allow us to better support individuals if they, or a family, is detained, or faces deportation, and to support youth with complex immigration cases.


The need for this local emergency fund was propelled by cases like that of Jose (seen at the right), an undocumented high school immigrant from Guatemala who needed to pay for his legal fees that would allow him more time in the U.S. while he fought his immigration case.

Before we had an opportunity to establish our emergency fund, Jose's case required the swift action of a highly skilled attorney.


Proyecto Pastoral funded Jose's legal fees in anticipation of the formal launch of our emergency fund and the fundraising efforts we are now undertaking, not only for Jose but for the broader community.

How you CAN HelP

Jose's immigration case is only one of many immigration hardships that our community is facing.


Funds raised will aid community members that have been detained - or are at risk of being detained - with emergency legal fees, or for posting of bail.  Your contribution will give these individuals a better chance of receiving due process and fight unlawful deportation practices. Monetary help towards the fund will ensure that we have dedicated funds available should any resident leaders, clients, and/or staff within the contributing partner organizations need urgent support with bond and/or legal fees that would not be covered by other programs.

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