edwin espinoza
postsecondary success ambassador (9-12)

Edwin was born and raised in Huntington Park, California. His parents came from a small town in Jalisco, Mexico at a young age. His parents have had a huge impact on his life as they have always expressed the importance of an education in this country. Because of them, Edwin hopes to one day make them proud by graduating school and fulfilling all of his parents' dreams and aspirations they have for him.


Edwin is a full-time college student at the California State University Los Angeles who hopes to obtain his Bachelor's Degree in the field of Sociology. He aspires to be a college advisor to help inspire and motivate the youth within his community to strive for higher education. He understands the struggles and challenges that many students face as he was once in their shoes.


In his free time, Edwin enjoys viewing different types of sports such as soccer, basketball, football and baseball. He also enjoys spending time with his family and his partner.

Edwin Espinoza Headshot 11.01.2021 (1).jpg